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Image of Bulletproof Feathers : How Science Uses Nature's Secrets to Desig

Bulletproof Feathers : How Science Uses Nature's Secrets to Desig

Fabrics that are not only stain resistant but actually clean themselves. Airplane wings that change shape in midair to take advantage of shifts in wind currents. Hypodermic needles that use tiny serrations to render injections virtually pain free.Though...

Image of College Physics

College Physics

College Physics; Fourth Edition; presents a unique ''forces first'' approach to physics that builds a conceptual framework as motivation for the physical principles. That intuitive approach; combined with a consistent problem solving strategies; stunning...

Image of Don`t Look; Don`t Touch; Don`t Eat: The Science Behind

Don`t Look; Don`t Touch; Don`t Eat: The Science Behind

Every flu season; sneezing; coughing; and graphic throat-clearing become the day-to-day background noise in every workplace. And coworkers tend to move as far—and as quickly—away from the source of these bodily eruptions as possible. Instinctively;...

Image of Essential Skills for Science and Technology

Essential Skills for Science and Technology

The essential guide for any student embarking on their studies in the sciences or technology; this book introduces the core academic skills students need to learn effectively in this area and to prepare them for success in their (science) university scien

Image of Experimental Organic Chemistry

Experimental Organic Chemistry

Perform chemistry experiments with skill and confidence in your organic chemistry lab course with this easy-to-understand lab manual. EXPERIMENTAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY: A MINISCALE AND MICROSCALE APPROACH; Sixth Edition first covers equipment; record keeping

Image of Feral: Rewilding the Land; the Sea; and Human Life

Feral: Rewilding the Land; the Sea; and Human Life

As an investigative journalist; Monbiot found a mission in his ecological boredom; that of learning what it might take to impose a greater state of harmony between himself and nature. He was not one to romanticize undisturbed; primal landscapes; but rather...

Image of Globes : 400 Years of Exploration; Navigation; and Power

Globes : 400 Years of Exploration; Navigation; and Power

The concept of the earth as a sphere has been around for centuries; emerging around the time of Pythagoras in the sixth century BC; and eventually becoming dominant as other thinkers of the ancient world; including Plato and Aristotle; accepted the idea....

Image of Golden Age of Botanical Art

Golden Age of Botanical Art

The seventeenth century heralded a golden age of exploration; as intrepid travelers sailed around the world to gain firsthand knowledge of previously unknown continents. These explorers also collected the world’s most beautiful flora; and often their...

Image of Green Pharmacy

Green Pharmacy

Newly revised to include the latest developments in the field of herbal medicine; this classic bestseller presents a fascinating account of the ideas; personalities; advances; and vicissitudes that have shaped the course of medicine and pharmacology in...

Image of Historical Geology

Historical Geology

Offering comprehensive content for the historical geology course; HISTORICAL GEOLOGY provides students with an understanding of the principles of historical geology and how these principles are applied in unraveling Earth's history. Students will learn...