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Image of Brain That Changes Itself

Brain That Changes Itself

An astonishing new scientific discovery called neuroplasticity is overthrowing the centuries-old notion that the adult human brain is fixed and unchanging. It is; instead; able to change its own structure and function; even into old age. Psychiatrist...

Image of Curiosity : How Science Became Interested in Everything

Curiosity : How Science Became Interested in Everything

With the recent landing of the Mars rover Curiosity; it seems safe to assume that the idea of being curious is alive and well in modern science—that it’s not merely encouraged but is seen as an essential component of the scientific mission. Yet there...

Image of How Big is Big and How Small is Small

How Big is Big and How Small is Small

This book is about how big is the universe and how small are quarks; and what are the sizes of dozens of things between these two extremes. It describes the sizes of atoms and planets; quarks and galaxies; cells and sequoias. It is a romp through forty-five...

Image of Life Unfolding

Life Unfolding

Where did I come from? Why do I have two arms but just one head? How is my left leg the same size as my right one? Why are the fingerprints of identical twins not identical? How did my brain learn to learn? Why must I die? Questions like these remain...

Image of Living with the Stars

Living with the Stars

Living with the Stars tells the fascinating story of what truly makes the human body. The body that is with us all our lives is always changing. We are quite literally not who we were years; weeks; or even days ago: our cells die and are replaced by new...

Image of Powerhouse : America; China; and the Great Battery War

Powerhouse : America; China; and the Great Battery War

A Soul of the New Machine for our time—a gripping account of invention; commerce; and duplicity in the age of technologyA worldwide race is on to perfect the next engine of economic growth; the advanced lithium-ion battery. It will power the electric...

Image of The Deeper Genome

The Deeper Genome

Over a decade ago; as the Human Genome Project completed its mapping of the entire human genome; hopes ran high that we would rapidly be able to use our knowledge of human genes to tackle many inherited diseases; and understand what makes us unique among

Image of The Shark's Paintbrush

The Shark's Paintbrush

An interdisciplinary and international group of scientists; inventors and engineers are turning to nature to innovate and find elegant solutions to human problems. The principle behind this effort is called biomimicry and here Harman shares a wide range...

Image of The Storm in a Teacup

The Storm in a Teacup

This book links the little things - the unexpected pinkness of blueberry jam or the way the air smells before it rains - with the big in a book that will alter the way you see the world. Helen Czerski shows how the familiar; from coffee stains to ketchup

Image of What Should We be Worried About?

What Should We be Worried About?

Drawing from the horizons of science; today's leading thinkers reveal the hidden threats nobody is talking about-and expose the false fears everyone else is distracted by. What should we be worried about? That is the question John Brockman; publisher...