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Image of Bitter Roots

Bitter Roots

For over a century; plant specialists worldwide have sought to transform healing plants from African countries into pharmaceuticals. And for equally as long; conflicts over these medicinal plants have endured. In Bitter Roots; Abena Dove Osseo-Asare draws

Image of Galileo's Idol

Galileo's Idol

Galileo's Idol offers a vivid depiction of Galileo's friend; student; and patron; Gianfrancesco Sagredo (1571-1620). Sagredo's life; which has never before been studied in depth; brings to light the inextricable relationship between the production; distri

Image of The Cambridge Concise History of Astronomy

The Cambridge Concise History of Astronomy

Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences; and one which has repeatedly led to fundamental changes in our view of the world. This book covers the history of our study of the cosmos from prehistory through to a survey of modern astronomy and astrophysics...

Image of The Eye of the Lynx

The Eye of the Lynx

Profusely illustrated and engagingly written; ''The Eye of the Lynx'' uncovers a crucial episode n the development of visual representation and natural history. And perhaps as important; it offers readers a dazzling array of early modern drawings; from...

Image of The Halle Orphanage as Scientific Community

The Halle Orphanage as Scientific Community

Founded around 1700 by a group of German Lutherans known as Pietists; the Halle Orphanage became the institutional headquarters of a universal seminar that still stands largely intact today. It was the base of an educational; charitable; and scientific...

Image of The Nature and Nurture of Love

The Nature and Nurture of Love

The notion that maternal care and love will determine a child's emotional well-being and future personality has become ubiquitous. In countless stories and movies we find that the problems of the protagonists - anything from the fear of romantic commitmen

Image of The Scientific Revolution and the Origins of Modern Science

The Scientific Revolution and the Origins of Modern Science

This is a new edition of one of the most successful and established textbooks in the field. It is revised; updated and extended to take into account the latest scholarship and research; and new developments in historiography. It features an extensive...

Image of The Technical Image

The Technical Image

In science and technology; the images used to depict ideas; data; and reactions can be as striking and explosive as the concepts and processes they embody - both works of art and generative forces in their own right. Drawing on a close dialogue between...