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Image of An Introduction to Brain & Behavior

An Introduction to Brain & Behavior

An Introduction to Brain and Behavior offers a unique inquiry-based introduction to behavioral neuroscience; with each chapter focusing on a central question i.e.; How Does the Nervous System Function? It also incorporates a distinctive clinical perspecti

Image of An Introduction to Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics

An Introduction to Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics

DNA can be extracted and sequenced from a diverse range of biological samples; providing a vast amount of information about evolution and ecology. The analysis of DNA sequences contributes to evolutionary biology at all levels; from dating the origin...

Image of A Primer in Biological Data Analysis and Visualization Using R

A Primer in Biological Data Analysis and Visualization Using R

R is the most widely used open-source statistical and programming environment for the analysis and visualization of biological data. Drawing on Gregg Hartvigsen's extensive experience teaching biostatistics and modeling biological systems; this text is...

Image of A Primer of Ecological Genetics

A Primer of Ecological Genetics

A textbook for a graduate or advanced undergraduate course introducing basic concepts in population and quantitative genetics; including measuring selection on phenotypic characters. The focus is on methods applicable to field studies of ecologically...

Image of Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics

Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics

Bestselling introduction to bioinformatics and genomics -- now in its third editionWidely received in its previous editions; Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics offers the most broad-based introduction to this explosive new discipline. Now thoroughly...

Image of Biological Sequence Analysis

Biological Sequence Analysis

Probabilistic models are becoming increasingly important in analysing the huge amount of data being produced by large-scale DNA-sequencing efforts such as the Human Genome Project. For example; hidden Markov models are used for analysing biological sequen

Image of Biology of Aging

Biology of Aging

Biology of Aging presents the biological principles that have led to a new understanding of the causes of aging and describes how these basic principles help one to understand the human experience of biological aging; longevity; and age-related disease.

Image of Calculus of Thought

Calculus of Thought

Drawing on his research over the past 30 years; Rice argues that cognitive machines will need to be neuromorphic; that is; based upon neuroscience; in order to simulate aspects of human cognition. He sets out the most fundamental and important concepts...

Image of Case Files Neuroscience 2/E

Case Files Neuroscience 2/E

LEARN NEUROSCIENCE IN THE CONTEXT OF REAL-LIFE PATIENTS AND PREPARE FOR THE BOARDSExperience with clinical cases is key to excelling on the USMLE Step 1 and shelf exams; and ultimately to providing patients with competent clinical care.Case Files: Neuroscience...

Image of Clinical Neuroscience for Rehabilitation

Clinical Neuroscience for Rehabilitation

TEXTBOOK OF FUNCTIONAL AND CLINICAL NEUROSCIENCE is designed to help students understand the nervous system structures and functions that allow for complex neurophysiological processing in support of human functions and behavior. Students are guided through...