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Image of Constitutional Recognition of First Peoples in Australia

Constitutional Recognition of First Peoples in Australia

This collection of essays explores the history and current status of proposals to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the Constitution of Australia. The book had its genesis in a colloquium co-hosted by the University of Southern...

Image of Laying Down the Law

Laying Down the Law

An ideal introduction to key legal concepts; principles and skills; Laying Down the Law; 9th Edition clearly explains essential foundation topics including Australia's legal system; sources of law; precedent; statutory interpretation and professional...

Image of The Critical Judgments Project

The Critical Judgments Project

This book introduces students to a number of critical legal perspectives and demonstrates how such perspectives might be used to influence and reimagine existing legal doctrines. It extends the seminal Feminist Judgments Project and adapts it specifically

Image of The Origins and Evolution of Islamic Law

The Origins and Evolution of Islamic Law

Long before the rise of Islam in the early seventh century; Arabia had come to form an integral part of the Near East. This book; covering more than three centuries of legal history; presents an important account of how Islam developed its own law while...

Image of The Roman Law of Obligations

The Roman Law of Obligations

The Roman Law of Obligations presents a series of lectures delivered by the late Peter Birks as an introductory course in Roman law. Discovered in complete manuscript form following his death; the lectures are published here for the first time. The lectu

Image of The Spirit of the Laws in Mozambique

The Spirit of the Laws in Mozambique

Mozambique has been hailed as a success story by the international community; which has watched it evolve through a series of violent political upheavals: from colonialism; through socialism; to its current democracy. As Juan Obarrio shows; however; this

Image of Understanding Common Law Legislation

Understanding Common Law Legislation

Many countries use and apply the common law. The common law world largely operates through statutes enacted by a country's democratic legislature. These statutes are drafted and interpreted according to a uniform system of rules; presumptions; principles

Image of Understanding Islamic Law

Understanding Islamic Law

Understanding Islamic law is crucial not only for Muslims; but for non-Muslims who work with Muslims in legal contexts as well as for anyone wanting to understand the role of Islam in the world today. For unlike western legal systems where religious and...