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Image of Belief without Borders

Belief without Borders

The last twenty years have seen a dramatic increase in ''nones'': people who do not claim any religious affiliation; and who now outnumber even the largest Protestant denominations in America. Not to be confused with secularists; many nones identify themsel

Image of Challenges to Moral and Religious Belief

Challenges to Moral and Religious Belief

Challenges to Moral and Religious Belief contains fourteen original essays by philosophers; theologians; and social scientists on challenges to moral and religious belief from disagreement and evolution. Three main questions are addressed: Can one reasona

Image of God: A Very Short Introduction

God: A Very Short Introduction

Who or what is God? How do different religions interpret God's existence? How can we know God? Many people believe in God; not just throughout history but also in the present day. But who or what is it they believe in? Many different and sometimes conflic

Image of Introducing Philosophy of Religion

Introducing Philosophy of Religion

Does God exist? What about evil and suffering? How does faith relate to science? Is there life after death? These questions fascinate everyone and lie at the heart of philosophy of religion. Chad Meister offers an up-to-date introduction to the field;...

Image of Is There a God?

Is There a God?

Is There a God? offers a powerful response to modern doubts about the existence of God. It may seem today that the answers to all fundamental questions lie in the province of science; and that the scientific advances of the twentieth century leave little

Image of Jellyfish : A Natural History

Jellyfish : A Natural History

Jellyfish; with their undulating umbrella-shaped bells and sprawling tentacles; are as fascinating and beautiful as they are frightening and dangerous. They are found in every ocean at every depth; and they are the oldest multi-organed life form on the...

Image of Patterns in Nature : Why the Natural World Looks the Way It Does

Patterns in Nature : Why the Natural World Looks the Way It Does

Though at first glance the natural world may appear overwhelming in its diversity and complexity; there are regularities running through it; from the hexagons of a honeycomb to the spirals of a seashell and the branching veins of a leaf. Revealing the...

Image of Seeds : A Natural History

Seeds : A Natural History

Seeds provide half of the calories consumed by humans today and helped underpin the rise of civilization. Just ten crops (rice; maize; wheat; potatoes; etc.) provide 75% of human energy needs. Seeds: A Natural History delves into the evolution of seeds...

Image of William James and the Transatlantic Conversation

William James and the Transatlantic Conversation

William James and the Transatlantic Conversation focuses on the American philosopher and psychologist William James (1842-1910) and his engagements with European thought; together with the multidisciplinary reception of his work on both sides of the Atlantic...