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Image of Christianity in Rome in the First Three Centuries

Christianity in Rome in the First Three Centuries

The reader is taken on a journey from the earliest roots of Christianity to its near acceptance as religion of the Roman Empire. The reader is taken from the very first generation of Christians in Rome; a tiny group of Jews who acknowledged Jesus as the...

Image of Did God Kill Jesus

Did God Kill Jesus

The popular Patheos blogger wants to restore the cross as primarily a symbol of God s overwhelming love for us and to rescue Christians from the shame and guilt from seeing our situation as sinners in the hands of an angry God; which was an invention...

Image of Fundamentalisms and Society

Fundamentalisms and Society

Around the world; fundamentalist movements are profoundly affecting the way we live. Misinformation and misperception about fundamentalism exacerbate conflicts at home and abroad. Here The Fundamentalism Project has brought together 15 historians; sociolo

Image of Romans (Abingdon New Testament Commentaries)

Romans (Abingdon New Testament Commentaries)

Like widely differing siblings raised by the same parents; each letter produced by Paul has its own distinguishing character. For the historically minded critic; each letter’s unique traits provide important clues for detecting the circumstances in...

Image of The Cult of the Saints

The Cult of the Saints

In this groundbreaking work; Peter Brown explores how the worship of saints and their corporeal remains became central to religious life in Western Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire. During this period; earthly remnants served as a heavenly connec

Image of Theology and Economic Ethics

Theology and Economic Ethics

In the wake of the economic crisis; few questions are more pressing than those around the ethics of finance and economics. Theology and Economic Ethics seeks to expand the self-critical resources of contemporary theological economic ethics by bringing...

Image of The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Ethics

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Ethics

The Encyclopedia contains 183 entries; ranging in length from 1;500 to 7;000 words. It is organized in an A-to-Z format. Each entry is signed; contains a bibliography for further reading; and is cross-referenced to other useful points of interest within...