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Image of An Introduction to Canon Law

An Introduction to Canon Law

Canon law is the name given to the rules that govern church order and discipline of the Roman Catholic Church. This valuable book; which has been updated to reflect changes and adaptations in canon law and new resources in the field; offers an introductor

Image of Christian Foundations

Christian Foundations

An overview of the major issues in the Christian life that explains their basic and essential elements while trying to relate the Christian message to the conditions of modern life.

Image of Freedom and Purpose

Freedom and Purpose

Freedom and Purpose is a contemporary introduction to Christian ethics in the Roman Catholic tradition. It sets the scene for Christian ethics within contemporary pluralist societies; considering the key philosophical theories of ethics and the meaning...

Image of Holy Nation

Holy Nation

Early American Quakers have long been perceived as retiring separatists; but in Holy Nation Sarah Crabtree transforms our historical understanding of the sect by drawing on the sermons; diaries; and correspondence of Quakers themselves. Situating Quakeris

Image of In Defence of War

In Defence of War

Pacifism is popular. Many hold that war is unnecessary; since peaceful means of resolving conflict are always available; if only we had the will to look for them. Or they believe that war is wicked; essentially involving hatred of the enemy and carelessne

Image of John Chrysostom on Divine Pedagogy

John Chrysostom on Divine Pedagogy

Contrary to the portrayals of Chrysostom as a theologically impaired; moralizing sophist; this book argues that his thinking is remarkably coherent when it is understood on his own terms and within his culture. Chrysostom depicts God as a teacher of philo

Image of Looking for Mary Magdalene

Looking for Mary Magdalene

Anne Fedele offers a comprehensive ethnography of alternative pilgrimages to French Catholic shrines dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene. Drawing on more than three years of extensive fieldwork; she describes how pilgrims from Italy; Spain; Britain; and...

Image of Orthodox Readings of Aquinas

Orthodox Readings of Aquinas

This book is the first exploration of the remarkable odyssey of Thomas Aquinas in the Orthodox Christian world; from the Byzantine to the modern era. Aquinas was received with astonishing enthusiasm across the Byzantine theological spectrum. By contrast;

Image of Practical Theology

Practical Theology

''Practical theology'' has emerged as a distinctive approach to the theological task. Rather than seeing itself as a ''branch'' of theology; practical theology is a theological sensibility highlighting the need to ''read the signs of the times.'' Veling...

Image of Rendering Unto Caesar

Rendering Unto Caesar

Nowhere has the relationship between state and church been more volatile in recent decades than in Latin America. This book explains why Catholic leaders in some countries came to oppose dictatorial rule and; equally important; why many did not. Using...