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Image of A Handbook of Roman Art

A Handbook of Roman Art

In this companion volume to Gisela Richter's Handbook of Greek Art; the subject of Roman art is treated by a team of 11 experts. Extending in time from Early Rome to Late Antiquity; and including the provinces as well as Rome and Italy; the book covers...

Image of Ancient Cities

Ancient Cities

Ancient Cities surveys the cities of the Ancient Near East; Egypt; and the Greek and Roman worlds from the perspectives of archaeology and architectural history; bringing to life the physical world of ancient city dwellers by concentrating on evidence...

Image of Children in the Hellenistic World

Children in the Hellenistic World

In this volume; Bobou offers a systematic analysis of ancient Greek statues of children from the sanctuaries; houses; and necropoleis of the Hellenistic world in order to understand their function and meaning. Comparing images of children in reliefs;...

Image of Objects and Identities

Objects and Identities

This volume explores Rome's northern provinces through the portable artefacts people used and left behind. Objects are crucial to our understanding of the past; and can be used to explore interlinking aspects of identity. For example; can we identify...

Image of On the Road of the Winds

On the Road of the Winds

The Pacific Ocean covers one-third of the earth's surface and encompasses many thousands of islands; the home to numerous human societies and cultures. Among these indigenous Oceanic cultures are the intrepid Polynesian double-hulled canoe navigators;...

Image of Roman Countryside

Roman Countryside

In this work; Stephen Dyson provides a new synthesis; describing current research on the Roman countryside within a topological rather than a geographical or historical framework. He first examines the Roman villa; looking at changing interpretations...

Image of The Archaeology of Rock-Art

The Archaeology of Rock-Art

Pictures; painted and carved in caves and on open rock surfaces; are amongst our loveliest relics from prehistory. This pioneering set of sparkling essays goes beyond guesses as to what the pictures mean; instead exploring how we can reliably learn from...

Image of The First Africans

The First Africans

Africa has the longest record - some 2.5 million years - of human occupation of any continent. For nearly all of this time; its inhabitants have made tools from stone and have acquired their food from its rich wild plant and animal resources. Archaeologic

Image of The Oxford Handbook of the Bronze Age Aegean

The Oxford Handbook of the Bronze Age Aegean

The Greek Bronze Age; roughly 3000 to 1000 BC; witnessed the flourishing of the Minoan and Mycenean civilizations; the earliest expansion of trade in the Aegean and wider Mediterranean Sea; the development of artistic techniques in a variety of media;...

Image of Violence and Warfare Among Hunter-Gatherers

Violence and Warfare Among Hunter-Gatherers

How did warfare originate? Was it human genetics? Social competition? The rise of complexity? Intensive study of the long-term hunter-gatherer past brings us closer to an answer. The original chapters in this volume examine cultural areas on five continen