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Image of A Tender Age

A Tender Age

Beginning in the early thirteenth century; the burial of a child became an event of dramatic consequence. Child death took on a symbolic power; with great concern expressed over the fate of the body. William F. MacLehose follows the evolution of this...

Image of A War for the Soul of America

A War for the Soul of America

When Patrick Buchanan took the stage at the Republican National Convention in 1992 and proclaimed; ''There is a religious war going on for the soul of our country;'' his audience knew what he was talking about: the culture wars; which had raged throughout...

Image of Charity and Sylvia

Charity and Sylvia

Charity and Sylvia is the intimate history of two ordinary women who lived in an extraordinary same-sex marriage during the early nineteenth century. Based on diaries; letters; and poetry; among other original documents; the research traces the women's...

Image of Chop Suey; USA

Chop Suey; USA

American diners began to flock to Chinese restaurants more than a century ago; making Chinese food the first mass-consumed cuisine in the United States. By 1980; it had become the country's most popular ethnic cuisine. Chop Suey; USA offers the first...

Image of Church History

Church History

This lively book not only unpacks the history of Christianity; but also explains how church history is created and organized. Different from traditional church history textbooks; the book: Has a global emphasis; rather than an exclusively Euro-American...

Image of Dead End

Dead End

More than five decades have passed since Jane Jacobs wrote her classic The Death and Life of Great American Cities; and since a front page headline in the New York Times read; ''Cars Choking Cities as 'Urban Sprawl' Takes Over.'' Yet sprawl persists;...

Image of Democratic Surround

Democratic Surround

We commonly think of the psychedelic '60s as an explosion of creative energy and freedom that arose in direct revolt against the early Cold War years. Yet; as Fred Turner reveals in The Democratic Surround; the decades that brought us the Korean War and...

Image of Early Modern England

Early Modern England

Widely praised and consistently popular since its first publication in 1987; Early Modern England now reflects in this new edition the invigorating and substantial changes that have swept the field over the past decade and more. It combines consideration

Image of Exodus and Liberation

Exodus and Liberation

Biblical texts have been one of the most potent sources in the Western political imagination. Presenting a new account of how the Bible's liberationist texts were deployed and disputed at critical junctures in British and American history from the Reformation...

Image of Galateo


''Since it is the case that you are now just beginning that journey that I have for the most part as you see completed; that is; the one through mortal life; and loving you so very much as I do; I have proposed to myself - as one who has been many places...