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Image of A Brief History of Russia

A Brief History of Russia

This is a comprehensive guide to the history and culture of Russia.The history of Russia; the world's largest nation - from its early beginnings in the ninth century when Rurik; a Varangian king; established the first Russian state near Kiev; to the curre

Image of A Companion to Russian History

A Companion to Russian History

This companion comprises 28 essays by international scholars offering an analytical overview of the development of Russian history from the earliest Slavs through to the present day. * Includes essays by both prominent and emerging scholars from Russia;...

Image of A History of Sparta

A History of Sparta

This text from the Bristol Classical Press Paperbacks series examines the history of Sparta.

Image of A Mad; Bad; and Dangerous People?

A Mad; Bad; and Dangerous People?

This was a transformative period in English history. In 1783 the country was at one of the lowest points in its fortunes; having just lost its American colonies in warfare. By 1846 it was once more a great imperial nation; as well as the world's strongest

Image of A Polite and Commercial People

A Polite and Commercial People

Drawing on up-to-date research; this volume in The New Oxford History of England is the most authoritative and comprehensive general history of England between the accession of George II and the loss of the American colonies. Delving beneath the surface

Image of As the Romans Did

As the Romans Did

This is the second edition of a popular and successful sourcebook on Roman social history. The selections; all in English translations prepared by the author; are drawn from a wide array of documents - letters; manuals; recipes; graffiti; and inscriptions

Image of Augustan Culture

Augustan Culture

Grand political accomplishment and artistic productivity were the hallmarks of Augustus Caesar's reign (31 B.C. to A.D. 14); which has served as a powerful model of achievement for societies throughout Western history. Although much research has been...

Image of A World at Arms

A World at Arms

Widely hailed as a masterpiece; this is the first history of World War II to provide a truly global account of the war that encompassed six continents. Starting with the changes that restructured Europe and her colonies following the First World War;...

Image of Barbarian Migrations and the Roman West; 376-568

Barbarian Migrations and the Roman West; 376-568

This is a major survey of the barbarian migrations and their role in the fall of the Roman Empire and the creation of early medieval Europe; one of the key events in European history. Unlike previous studies it integrates historical and archaeological...

Image of Byzantium


Deno John Geanakoplos here offers a prodigious collection of source materials on the Byzantine church; society; and civilization (many translated for the first time into English); arranged chronologically and topically; and knit together with an analytica