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Image of Big Book of Big Bugs

Big Book of Big Bugs

This title offers a fascinating look at the world's biggest bugs; including spiders bigger than a dinner plate; a stick insect longer than your arm; a beetle the same size as a rat; and moths and butterflies larger than a small dog. All bugs in the book...

Image of Dig Up a Dinosaur: T. Rex

Dig Up a Dinosaur: T. Rex

You're a fossil hunter and you've just discovered a T. rex skeleton. Learn more about this amazing dinosaur; then press out the model pieces and fit them together - just like a real paleontologist! This is a great title for all dino-fans aged 7 and above.

Image of Dinosaur Quizzes

Dinosaur Quizzes

A handy; pocket-sized quiz book covering every aspect of the prehistoric world and its incredible inhabitants. Contains over 500 dinosaur-related questions with an eclectic mix of topics ranging from fossils and foraging to teeth and tails. Featuring...

Image of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life

Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life

This visual guide offers a comprehensive insight into prehistoric life. Starting with the beginning of life on Earth; each section progresses from plants and the first amphibians to early reptiles and the first dinosaurs. A useful source of information...

Image of Incredibuilds: Great White Sharks 3D Wood Model

Incredibuilds: Great White Sharks 3D Wood Model

Build and color your own 3D great white shark! With seven layers of teeth and large; strong bodies; few fish are more awesome to behold than the mighty shark from a safe distance; of course! Now; with this exciting IncrediBuildsTM wood model set; both...

Image of Infographics: Animal Kingdom

Infographics: Animal Kingdom

The first in a visually stunning series of information graphics; which shows just how interesting and humorous scientific information can be. Complex facts about the animal kingdom are reinterpreted as stylish infographics; which astonish; amuse and infor

Image of See Inside Planet Earth

See Inside Planet Earth

Delve deep into the mysteries of Earth's geography to reveal the hidden secrets of life on our planet. This title includes double page spreads on mountains; deserts; the oceans; the atmosphere and icy landscapes such as Antarctica; each one bursting with

Image of Spiders


One spider is as big as a dinner plate. Another one is as tiny as the tiniest raindrop. How does it help a spider to be so big? And how could it help another spider to be so small? ''Spiders Biggest! Littlest!'' gives young readers the answers to these...

Image of Storms and Hurricanes

Storms and Hurricanes

Budding meteorologists will love this new addition to the popular Beginners series; providing an exciting introduction to all kinds of storms; from blizzards; hailstorms and thunderstorms to tornadoes and hurricanes. Includes striking colour photographs...

Image of The Ultimate Guide Dinosaur

The Ultimate Guide Dinosaur

A fascinating world of information is made truly accessible with these remarkable guides. Each book is split into five sections; and text is presented as easy-to-read bullet points. Every section includes a clear acetate sheet feature; which delves deeper