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Image of A First Course in Optimization Theory

A First Course in Optimization Theory

This book; first published in 1996; introduces students to optimization theory and its use in economics and allied disciplines. The first of its three parts examines the existence of solutions to optimization problems in Rn; and how these solutions may...

Image of American Tianxia

American Tianxia

After a meteoric rise; China's once inexorable growth has come to a screeching halt. Salvatore Babones provides an up-to-date assessment of China's economic problems and how they are undermining China's challenge to the Western-dominated world order....

Image of Bourgeois Equality

Bourgeois Equality

There s little doubt that most humans today are better off than their forebears. Stunningly so; the economist and historian Deirdre McCloskey argues in the concluding volume of her trilogy celebrating the oft-derided virtues of the bourgeoisie. The poores

Image of Capitalism in the Web of Life

Capitalism in the Web of Life

Both green and red analyses of capitalism's deepening contradictions have acknowledged the close relation of economic and environmental crises. But environmentalists have not yet fully integrated social and historical factors in their scathing indictment

Image of Economic Analysis; Moral Philosophy and Public Policy

Economic Analysis; Moral Philosophy and Public Policy

This 2006 book shows through accessible argument and numerous examples how understanding moral philosophy can improve economic analysis; how moral philosophy can benefit from economists' analytical tools; and how economic analysis and moral philosophy...

Image of Economic Growth

Economic Growth

Why are some countries rich and others poor? David N. Weil; one of the top researchers in economic growth; introduces students to the latest theoretical tools; data; and insights underlying this pivotal question. By showing how empirical data relate to...

Image of Economics of Good and Evil : The Quest for Economic Meaning from

Economics of Good and Evil : The Quest for Economic Meaning from

Tomas Sedlacek has shaken the study of economics as few ever have. Named one of the "Young Guns" and one of the "five hot minds in economics" by the Yale Economic Review; he serves on the National Economic Council in Prague; where...

Image of Essentials of MIS

Essentials of MIS

For introductory courses in Information Systems or Management Information Systems. Connect Essential MIS Concepts to Everyday Life Essentials of MIS takes an in-depth look at how today's businesses use information technologies and systems to achieve...

Image of Intellectual Capital

Intellectual Capital

Thomas Karier explores the core ideas of the economic theorists whose work led to their being awarded the Nobel Prize in its first 40 years.

Image of Introduction to Economic Growth

Introduction to Economic Growth

Introduction to Economic Growth is the only text to synthesize the journal literature in a way that makes this important field accessible to undergraduates. Charles I. Jones and new co-author Dietrich Vollrath have updated and revised the text to reflect