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Image of Alfred Hitchcock's ''Psycho''

Alfred Hitchcock's ''Psycho''

Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho: A Casebook collects some of the finest essays on this groundbreaking film-a film that is ideal for teaching the language of cinema and the ways in which strong filmmakers can break Hollywood conventions. Psycho is a film that...

Image of Crime Films

Crime Films

This book surveys the entire range of crime films; including important subgenres such as the gangster film; the private eye film; film noir; as well as the victim film; the erotic thriller; and the crime comedy. Focusing on ten films that span the range...

Image of Directing the Documentary

Directing the Documentary

Directing the Documentary; Sixth Edition is the definitive book on the form; offering time-tested principles to help you master the craft. Ideal for documentary courses as well as aspiring and established documentary filmmakers; this book has it all;...

Image of Film Art: An Introduction

Film Art: An Introduction

Film is an art form with a language and an aesthetic all its own. Since 1979; David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson's Film Art has been the best-selling and most widely respected introduction to the analysis of cinema. Taking a skills-centered approach...

Image of Kiss the Blood off My Hands

Kiss the Blood off My Hands

Consider the usual view of film noir: endless rainy nights populated by down-at-the-heel boxers; writers; and private eyes stumbling toward inescapable doom while stalked by crooked cops and cheating wives in a neon-lit urban jungle. But a new generation

Image of New Tunisian Cinema

New Tunisian Cinema

Tunisian cinema is often described as the most daring of all Arab cinemas. For many; Tunisia appeared to be a model of equipoise between ''East'' and ''West;'' and yet; during Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's presidency; from 1987 to 2011; the country became...

Image of Screening Sex

Screening Sex

For many years; kisses were the only sexual acts to be seen in mainstream American movies. Then; in the 1960s and 1970s; American cinema ''grew up'' in response to the sexual revolution; and movie audiences came to expect more knowledge about what happened

Image of Sex and the Cinema

Sex and the Cinema

From the sanctioned to the forbidden; the suggestive to the blatant; evocations of sex have saturated cinema with a heady distillation of fleshly passions. Whether laced in the rapturous rhetorics of romance or seeking to pack a harder erotic punch; cinem

Image of The Elements of Cinema

The Elements of Cinema

Beginning with the proposition that there exist uniquely cinematic elements of meaning and structure; Stefan Sharff clearly and systematically lays the foundation for ''literacy'' in cinema-a sensitivity to the aesthetic elements intrinsic only to film....

Image of The Oxford Guide to Film Studies

The Oxford Guide to Film Studies

Comprehensive; authoritative; and unique; The Oxford Guide to Film Studies is the up-to-date critical volume on the theories; debates; and approaches to the study of film. A host of international experts provide an overview of the main disciplinary approa