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Image of Amazing Spider-Man 1.1 : Learning to Crawl

Amazing Spider-Man 1.1 : Learning to Crawl

He sought revenge...and found responsibility. From that night on; a new life began. Join Peter Parker as he takes his first steps towards finding his way in the world as Spider-Man. A chapter you never knew about the story you know by heart.

Image of Creatures from Planet X!

Creatures from Planet X!

Superman and the Green Lantern battle Siniestro when he threatens Metropolis with thousands of insects created with his yellow power ring.

Image of Deadpool: World's Greatest Vol. 1 - Millionaire with A Mouth: Vol

Deadpool: World's Greatest Vol. 1 - Millionaire with A Mouth: Vol

He's annoying. He's dangerous. He smells terrible. But the public loves him. That's right-the Merc with the Mouth may make money for missions of murky morality...but he's become the most popular hero in the world for it. Eat that; Spidey! The world belong

Image of Deadpool: World's Greatest Vol. 2 - End of an Error

Deadpool: World's Greatest Vol. 2 - End of an Error

INTRODUCING: DEADPOOL 2099! Jump 84 years into the future for an all-new adventure with an all-new Deadpool! Who is this sci-fi Mouthy-Merc-Lady? And what's her connection to Wade Wilson? Plus: Meet 'Masacre'-the Deadpool of Mexico! Did you know that...

Image of Emperor of the Airwaves

Emperor of the Airwaves

''The PENGUIN purchases GOTHAM'S largest media company. Meanwhile; a crime wave hits the city. BATMAN soon learns that these events are related. After the DARK KNIGHT stops a crime; the PENGUIN'S TV news channel edits the security tapes and police reports...

Image of Escape from Future World!

Escape from Future World!

When Brainiac traps Superman and Cyborg in a time machine that places them in a future world; the heroes must find a way to escape.

Image of Fog of Fear

Fog of Fear

''On a bright spring morning; a dark cloud of smoke engulfs GOTHAM CITY. The fearsome SCARECROW has turned day into night. Surprisingly; the crook doesn't resist BATMAN'S attempt to arrest him. From behind the bars of his cell; the SCARECROW reveals that...

Image of Man of Steel Superman Battles Parasites Feeding Frenzy : Parasite

Man of Steel Superman Battles Parasites Feeding Frenzy : Parasite

Parasite can absorb energy from any power source and after being struck by lightning he hits nuclear power plants and electrical stations; greedy for more--can Superman find a way to stop him before he becomes too strong for even the Man of Steel?

Image of Michael Midas Champion: Book one

Michael Midas Champion: Book one

With his super-strength and endurance; the costumed crusader known as Champion protects his city from criminals. But being a superhero doesn't pay the bills; and with a wife and child to support; Champion - in his secret identity as Michael Midas - makes

Image of Ms. Marvel: No Normal Volume 1

Ms. Marvel: No Normal Volume 1

Marvel Comics presents the all-new Ms. Marvel; the ground breaking heroine that has become an international sensation! Kamala Khan is an ordinary girl from Jersey City until she is suddenly empowered with extraordinary gifts. But who truly is the all-new