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Image of Hairprint Amla Butter Conditioner - 240ml

Hairprint Amla Butter Conditioner - 240ml

The Hairprint Amla Butter Conditioner uses the power of the Amla Fruit to help treat hair and scalp. This formula conditions, nourishes, and soothes the hair, while preventing future dryness. Hemp, Camelina and Meadowfoam Oils also make up the scent-free...

Image of Hairprint Amla Shampoo - 240ml

Hairprint Amla Shampoo - 240ml

The Hairprint Amla Shampoo is an antioxidant-rich cleanser that is full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Using the power of the Amla fruit, this shampoo works to hydrate the scalp and stimulate hair growth. Other ingredients include Hemp, Camelina...

Image of Hairprint Bamboo Conditioner - 240ml

Hairprint Bamboo Conditioner - 240ml

The Hairprint Bamboo Conditioner strengthens and protects the hair, leaving it soft, smooth and shiny. Plant-based ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Bamboo ferment make for a formula rich with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory...

Image of Hairprint Bamboo Shampoo - 240ml

Hairprint Bamboo Shampoo - 240ml

The Hairprint Bamboo Shampoo is a cleansing and strengthening shampoo which works to ensure hair is looking and feeling youthful and shiny. The strengthening formula uses Bamboo, which is naturally rich silica which helps to strengthen the hair follicle....

Image of Hairprint Bio-Active Kelp Conditioner - 240ml

Hairprint Bio-Active Kelp Conditioner - 240ml

Get beautifully healthy hair with the Hairprint Bio-Active Kelp Conditioner. This scent-free conditioner works to repair and restore hair. This formula is rich in nutrients and minerals, thanks to ingredients such as Wakame Sea Kelp ferment. Fermentation...

Image of Hairprint Bio-Active Kelp Shampoo - 240ml

Hairprint Bio-Active Kelp Shampoo - 240ml

The Hairprint Bio-Active Kelp Shampoo works hard to give you clean, beautiful hair by targeting the mitochondria in the cells, providing the minerals and nutrients they need to give you strong roots and glorious colour. The hydrating formula contains...

Image of Hairprint Chelating Shampoo - 240ml

Hairprint Chelating Shampoo - 240ml

The Hairprint Chelating Shampoo gives a boost to lank, dull and listless hair by helping to remove the build up of hair products and mineral deposits from hard water. Ingredients such as Coconut, Radish and Willow Bark cut through build up of products...

Image of Hairprint Exfoliating Hair & Scalp Wash - 240ml

Hairprint Exfoliating Hair & Scalp Wash - 240ml

The Hairprint Exfoliating Hair & Scalp Wash treats the scalp to a deep cleansing and stimulating wash, removing product build-up and residue, and encouraging hair growth. This is an effective yet simple, low foam, scent-free wash. Extremely finely ground...

Image of HairPrint Pre-Treatment Shampoo - 1 x 30ml Packet

HairPrint Pre-Treatment Shampoo - 1 x 30ml Packet

This 30ml packet of the Hairprint Pre-Treatment is similar to an alkaline clarifying shampoo. The treatment removes build up and residue from hair to ensure the best possible results from the Hairprint Grey Hair Remover. Each packet of Hair print grey...

Image of HairPrint True Color Grey Hair Restorer for Women - Brown

HairPrint True Color Grey Hair Restorer for Women - Brown

If your natural hair colour is brown or black and you want to hide grey hair without the use of harsh chemical dyes, we may have found the product for you! The scientists at Hairprint have discovered an all-natural formula to restore your natural hair...