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Image of Bach Flower - Agrimony, 10ml

Bach Flower - Agrimony, 10ml

Agrinomy is the remedy for people who keep their troubles hidden under a mask of pleasure and happiness. The archetypal Agrimony person would be the sad clown, suffering anguish inside by still the life and soul of the party. Their friends are often the...

Image of Bach Flower - Aspen, 10ml

Bach Flower - Aspen, 10ml

Aspen: This Essence helps those who feel fears and worries of unknown origin. The fears or worries comes suddenly without any specific reason. A typical need for Aspen is on waking in fear from a bad dream, even if the dream itself is forgotten. Aspen...

Image of Bach Flower - Beech, 10ml

Bach Flower - Beech, 10ml

Beech: This Essence is for those who are constantly being critical

Image of Bach Flower - Centaury, 10ml

Bach Flower - Centaury, 10ml

Centaury: This Essence is for those who can't say "no." They let themselves be imposed on and even bullied by others. For example, if your boss knows that you have to leave early on Wednesdays, to pick up your daughter from soccer, but every Wednesday...

Image of Bach Flower - Cerato, 10ml

Bach Flower - Cerato, 10ml

This Essence helps you when you have a hard time making decisions. When you have to make a decision; such as, where to live, what to wear or where to go. You tend to seek advise and confirmations from others, not listening to your own intuition. You might...

Image of Bach Flower - Cherry Plum, 10ml

Bach Flower - Cherry Plum, 10ml

This helps you when you are on the verge of breakdown, possible suicide. You feel in such despair that you feel that you are loosing your sanity. You have a feeling that you are going to explode and are afraid to give way to violent impulses. Cherry Plum...

Image of Bach Flower - Chicory, 10ml

Bach Flower - Chicory, 10ml

This Essence helps you at times where you get too selfishly possessive, you tend to manipulate your loved ones and expect others to conform to your values. You may be too critical, interfering and nagging. Chicory helps you to be less selfish and be able...

Image of Bach Flower - Clematis, 10ml

Bach Flower - Clematis, 10ml

This Essence helps you when you loose interest in the present. You have difficulty in concentrating, due to a tendency to daydream rather than lack of innate ability. Clematis helps you get a lively interest in the world around you and in life.

Image of Bach Flower - Crab Apple, 10ml

Bach Flower - Crab Apple, 10ml

This Essence helps you when you feel self-disgust or believe that something about yourself or partner is unclean. Crab Apple it the cleansing essence for mind and body. This Essence is needed when you can not look in the mirror and appreciate how you...

Image of Bach Flower - Elm, 10ml

Bach Flower - Elm, 10ml

This Essence helps you when you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities. It can be at work, at home, or at life in general. You just feel that thing are over your head. Elm helps you calm down and think rationally. Elm will help you take one step at the...