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Image of Engine Oil Flush EOF 300ml

Engine Oil Flush EOF 300ml

Extends engine life. Helps free up sticky valve lifters. Keeps oil strainer and pick-up clean. Cleans and removes sludge, dirt and varnish. Keeps new oil cleaner for longer.

Image of Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Treatment 500ml HP

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Treatment 500ml HP

Reduces fuel and oil consumption. Helps prolong engine life. Reduces friction and wear. reduces maintenance costs. Reduces oil temperature. Compatible with all engine oils. Includes anti-wear PTFE formula.

Image of Petrol Injector Clean 300ml PIC

Petrol Injector Clean 300ml PIC

Cleans fuel injectors and carburettors in one tankful. Cleans intake valve deposits for easier starting. Restores fuel economy and acceleration. Safe for all petrol cars. Reduces environmentally dangerous emissions.

Image of Radiator Stop Leak 300ml R50

Radiator Stop Leak 300ml R50

Seals leaks in radiators and heater cores. Weeping cylinder head gaskets. Temporarily repair corroded welsh plugs.